adaptive codebook optimization

This code is intended for replicating the results of the paper presented in Mobicom 2018:

“Joan Palacios, Daniel Steinmetzer, Adrian Loch, Matthias Hollick, and Joerg Widmer. 2018. Adaptive Codebook Optimization for Beam Training on Off-The-Shelf IEEE 802.11ad Devices. In Proceedings of the 24th ACM Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking.”


  1. Two TALON7200AD routers (one will act as AP and the other as STA)
  2. A PC with ssh, scp and Python installed

Routers configuration

  1. Routers must be flashed with the firmware modification made by Daniel Steinmetzer that you can find in this link.
  2. Then, you should copy the folders Router_AP and Router_STA in each router’s main folder. This will configure them to act as AP and STA and to create a Wi-Fi Network with SSID “ACOTalon” and password “TalonACO”, so you can access the AP with IP “” and the STA with IP “”. Please, remember to configure a static IP in your PC that doesn’t create a conflict with your router’s ones.
  3. You must set a password for the root user in the routers using command “passwd root”. Step 1 allows you to read the per sector RSSI and SNR measured by the routers Step 2 configures the routers Step 3 sets the password used for the ssh connection in the Python script

Python scripts

The main python script for measuring is “”. In this script you can find the parameters to modify in the beginning of the file under the title “CONFIGURE ENVIRONMENT”. This will reproduce a measurement for the experiments done in our Mobicom paper “ACO”. Then you can find two other scripts to show results “” and “”. There’s another script “” that translates the experiments measures to a MatLab file so you can analyze the results using MatLab.

Demo: (WIP)



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