The performance of wireless communication systems is evolving rapidly, making it difficult to build experimentation platforms that meet the hardware requirements of new standards. The bandwidth of current systems ranges from 160 MHz for IEEE 802.11ac/ax to 2GHz for Millimeter-Wave (mm-wave) IEEE 802.11ad/ay, and they support up to 8 spatial MIMO streams. Mobile 5G and beyond systems have a similarly diverse set of requirements.

To address this, we propose a highly configurable wireless platform that meets such requirements and is both affordable and scalable. It is implemented on a single state-of-the-art FPGA board that can be configured from 4×4mm-waveMIMO with 2 GHz channels to 8×8 MIMO with 160 MHz channels in sub-6 GHz bands. In addition, multi-band operation will play an important role in futurewireless networks and our platform supports mixed configurationswith simultaneous use of mm-wave and sub-6 GHz. Finally, the platform supports real-time operation, e.g., for closed-loop MIMObeam training with low-latency, by implementing suitable hard-ware/software accelerator


Fig.1 Mixed Design


Fig.2 Receiver path configurations: 1.- 4×4 mm-wave Channels;  2.-8×8 sub-6 GHz Channels ; 3.-4×4 sub-6 GHz Channels+2×2 mm-wave Channels

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  •  A Real-Time Experimentation Platform for sub-6 GHz andMillimeter-Wave MIMO Systems

Jesus Omar Lacruz, Rafael Ruiz and Joerg Widmer

In The 19th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MOBISYS), 2021.