Millimeter wave (mm-wave) technology is increasingly being considered for mobile devices and use cases such as vehicular communication. This requires suitable experimentation platforms to support systems-oriented research to tackle the multitude of problems and challenges of (mm-wave) communications in such environments. To this end, we introduce a Millimeter Wave Mobile FulL-Band-width EXperimentation Platform (mm-FLEX).

mm-FLEX , a flexible and modular open platform with real-time signal processing capabilities that supports a bandwidth of 2 GHz and is compatible with mm-wave standard requirements. mm-FLEX integrates a powerful FPGA-based baseband processor with full-duplex capabilities together with mm-wave RF front-ends and phased antenna arrays that are fully configurable from the processor in real-time. Our implementation is open source, therefore the source code (VHDL/Verilog), bitstream and software scripts are publicly available and can be downloaded from this website.


Fig.1 Components

Fig.2 Testbed overview


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Download here  Password: mmflex



  •  mm-FLEX: An Open Platform for Millimeter-Wave Mobile Full-Bandwidth Experimentation

Jesus Omar Lacruz, Dolores Garcia, Pablo Jimenez, Joan Palacios, and Joerg Widmer

In The 18th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MOBISYS), 2020.